Certified Spinal Manipulation Practitioner (CSMP) ™

Certified Spinal Manipulation Practitioner (CSMP) ™

Earn the  Certified Spinal Manipulation Practitioner (CSMP) ™ credential after  your name by completing our (CSMP 1) ™ and (CSMP 2) ™ courses plus passing the practical and written test.

1.    Spinal Manipulation Basic Level (CSMP 1) ™

  • Level 1 Basic Techniques of the Spine (part 1 of the CSMP ™  Certification)

2.    Spinal Manipulation Advanced Level (CSMP 2) ™

  • Level 2 Advanced Techniques (part 2  of the CSMP™  Certification)


Course Description

Pre-requisites: This certification course is open to Doctors of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, PA or NP

The American Academy of Physical Therapy (AAPT ) ™ certification in Spinal and Extremity Manipulation is 2 levels totaling 40 hours including a test (written and practical) exam after which, participants will be awarded the Certified Spinal Manipulation Practitioner Certification (CSMP) ™ credential.

This course is 80% hands-on and 20% lecture focusing on teaching you the most effective spinal and extremity manipulation techniques available.

  • Pre-course material: 8 hours online focusing on relevant anatomy, history, and theory behind spinal manipulation.
  1. Level 1 basic techniques (2 days - 16 hours), will focus on the Spine including mid and lower Cervical, CT junction, Thoracic, Ribs, Lumbar, Pelvis and SI Joint.

  2. Level 2 (2 days - 16 hours), will explore more advanced techniques including upper Cervical Manipulation, as well as advanced techniques for the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, TL junction, pelvis, and SI jt.


Course Description and Objectives

  1. Describe the latest best evidence related to the use of High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust (HVLAT) techniques.
  2. Describe and be knowledgeable of the risks and benefits associated with using HVLAT techniques including physiological effect.
  3. Describe the absolute and relative contraindications as well as precautions to the use of HVLAT techniques.
  4. Describe and interpret risk factors related to the use of HVLAT techniques based on clinical examination and interpretations of X-rays and MRIs.
  5. Describe the role of clinical tests related to vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI), cervical artery dysfunction and discuss the controversy surrounding these tests.
  6. Demonstrate proper tests to check for upper cervical instability.
  7. Demonstrate proper body mechanics and locking techniques to ensure proper and effective delivery of HVLAT techniques.
  8. Demonstrate safety and effective HVLAT techniques to all spinal levels, ribs, pelvis and SI Joints.
  • $799.00 (per level)
  • $899.00
  • Instructor Dr. Amr Ayad
  • Duration 4 Days (32 live hours) + 8 hours online for Both Levels
  • Hours 40 hours (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Language English
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