Certification in Dry Needling & Electric Dry Needling for the Spine & Extremities (DNc)™

Certification in Dry Needling & Electric Dry Needling for the Spine & Extremities  (DNc)™


  • Earn the Certified Dry Needling Clinician (DNc) ™ Credential after your name by completing our DNc1  and DNc2  courses plus the online component and passing the practical and written test.

Why are we different?

  • There are many Dry Needling schools out there, each school claims to be the most effective! We believe in the “Best of all worlds” approach as being the most effective dry needling technique and this is what you will learn with us! We will teach you Trigger Point Dry Needling along with teaching you musculotendinous, tenoperiosteal, ligamentous and perineural applications and application to clinical practice.

  • The literature supports the fact that deactivating Myofascial Trigger Points within muscles is key to recovery when combined with other treatment techniques, along with using the needles to induce “therapeutic inflammation” within connective tissue to promote and restart the natural healing process. We don’t reference to or use acupuncture points in our courses, neither do we teach you traditional Chinese acupuncture. 

  • This certification course is designed to teach you how to find and deactivate Trigger Points within muscles as well as teach you the clinical reasoning skills on how and when to apply Dry Needling as part of your treatment protocol, along with other techniques that are related to the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Furthermore, we believe in AFFORDABLE continuing education without compromising quality, thus our courses are the most affordable in the US! We understand the travel and accommodation cost that can be associated with taking a course, not to mention lost hours of work, and that is why we believe in making continuing education affordable to everyone.

You will spend more time on the hands-on/lab portion of the course as we do most of the “didactic part” online, this way you get the chance to practice more during the actual course.

Not only that, we also offer you accommodation options to make the travel experience less stressful for you. You can arrange for your own accommodation, but we offer accommodation options at most of the course locations for your convenience.

How we do it?

Most of the “didactic part” of the course will be taught online from the comfort of your home, so this way you don’t waste time at the actual course and can spend MORE TIME PRACTICING this very precise technique.

While our courses are all evidence-based and we have a lot of literature review included in the courses, we believe that you know how to read and interpret research studies, so there is no point in wasting hours of your time going over research studies during the course, when you can spend that time practicing and perfecting your needling techniques without feeling rushed during the lab portion of the course!

Yes, we will go over research studies and literature review, but we do most of it in the online portion of the course.

You will still get a chance to ask any questions related to the didactic part of the course and there will be some lectures included in the course as well, however, the course is 75% hands on and 25% lecture.

What else am I learning that is different?

We will teach you how to combine Trigger Point Dry Needling with Electric Stimulation in some muscles (like the Multifidus) to even get better results using the hand-held Pointer Stimulator & the ITO-ES 160 Electrical Stimulation unit with proper dose prescription, electric current setting and treatment time. We will also teach you how to induce “therapeutic inflammation”  within certain structures using the needles to restart/promote the body’s natural healing process.

Course Description:

  1. Pre-requisites: Registrants must be a licensed Physical Therapist or a practitioner allowed to practice Dry Needling in their State/Country, including but not limited to DPT, PT, MD, DO & DC.
  2. The American Academy of Physical Therapy  (AAPT )™ Certification in Dry Needling is 2 parts totaling 60 hours including a test (written and practical) and an online component (6 hours), after which, participants will be awarded the Certified Dry Needling Clinician Certification (DNc) ™ credential.
  3. This is NOT a Chinese acupuncture course nor it is a Western acupuncture course, and no reference will be made to any acupuncture points during the course.
  4. Participants will learn Trigger Point Dry Needling techniques for the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines, as well as upper and lower extremity musculoskeletal conditions based on the Trigger point model developed by Dr. Travell and Dr. Simons.
  5. This course will teach dry needling technique for trigger points within muscles (TrP), as well as inducing “therapeutic inflammation” in other connective tissue structures to restart the natural healing process.
  6. The course will teach best practice/evidence-based mechanism of effect from the literature related to the effects of dry needling on various neuromusculoskeletal disorders.
  7. Dry needling techniques will be taught based on Western medicine principles and research NOT based on traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese acupuncture points.


By the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to perform the following:

  1. Describe different types of trigger points and discuss their role in musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments as well as the history of this technique and how it evolved over time.

  2. Explain the mechanical, neurophysiological, and chemical effects of dry needling and their effect on reducing musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.

  3. Learn all existing theories regarding Dry Needling.

  4. Explain indications, contraindications, adverse effects, and safe practice of dry needling including clean needle technique and infection control measures.

  5. Learn the most recent evidence-based practice of dry needling.

  6. Locate triggers points within muscles based on Travell and Simons approach.

  7. Demonstrate safe needling of trigger points within muscles (TrP).

  8. Locate specific muscles, spinal levels, bony landmarks, peripheral nerves, and vascular structures through clinical palpation and surface anatomy knowledge to effectively needle trigger points or connective tissue without damaging nerves, major blood vessels or penetrating the lung field.

  9. Demonstrate proper understanding of “needle palpation” based on the targeted tissue treated.

  10. Understand and demonstrate all safety precautions with regards to handling needles and utilizing a sterile technique and clean needle technique for safety of the patient and the clinician.

  11. Learn and demonstrate proper application of Electrical Stimulation to stimulate muscles using the needles as electrodes.


  • $999
  • $1200
  • Instructor Dr. Amr Ayad & Dr. Corey Podbielski
  • Duration 2 Levels, (6 days total) + 6 online Pre-course material
  • Hours 60 Hours including 6 hours Pre-Course
  • Language English
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